Get Belted Chest Plates & Collars

Up until 2018 my greatest exposure to pig hunting was watching the movie Razorback on VHS at the neighbour’s house. It’s not the type of industry that I would have ever expected to be researching, yet alone developing digital marketing material for. However Erin is not your average client and the understanding of her target demographic is amazing. The only missing piece in her puzzle was the website.

Background Info

Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars are a pig hunting supply company offering durable doggie armour. The product is manufactured using Australian seat belt material in her Bathurst store and shipped worldwide. She also sells a range of custom and prefabricated accessories.

What was delivered

  • I created the e-commerce website from scratch using the WooCommerce Platform. The interface was simple for clients to find product and responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile users. This platform provided sufficient provision for expansion into new product lines in the future without major rebuilds being required.
  • Product pages were created with descriptions, SEO and stock or custom images. Prepackaged products, such as ezy-lights used images supplied from the company. I photographed the custom made product in store.
  • Custom made products were available to customers in four sizes with 16 colours to choose for primary and secondary colours. With over 1000 purchasing combinations, efficient and appropriate stock management and customer ordering was of paramount importance.
  • A secure payment gateway using SSL was implemented.
  • Social media integrated.
  • The back end interface needed to be easy navigate for Erin to be able to manage her stock and online product autonomously.
Get Belted Chest Plates
Easy to navigate user interface for custom and prepackaged products.

Ongoing Client Liaison

After completing the project I offer training so clients are empowered to keep building their digital presence autonomously. I also give ongoing consultation for approximately 2-4 months to ensure they are confident moving forward. Even though I signed off on this project in mid 2019, I still touch base with Erin when I walk past her store. She is happily expanding her range while staying to the ethos of the business.


The Chestplates category of the shop front.
These variables create over 1000 size and colour combinations for customers to choose from
How products display when a customer chooses their colour combinations
Product pages also included upsell, cross sell and promotional elements