Tutorial: Draw attention with subtle use of colour

Creating eye catching and aesthetically pleasing advertisements is an art form and sometimes there needs to be a greater connection between the feature image and the copy text.

A simple trick you can use is to pick feature colours out of your image and use them to highlight key words in your copy. To do this, choose the type tool (T) and highlight the word you want to colourise. Then choose to change the colour from the ribbon toolbar as shown by the pink arrow.

A dialogue box will appear and you can drag this around the screen so you can see both the text and the colour source you’re choosing out of the photo.

Here I used the eyedropper to choose the orange colour from his eyebrows. To accept this colour change choose the tick from the ribbon at the top of the screen. Then repeat the process for any other words or phrases you want to highlight.

Remember, you want to highlight the key information in your advertisement.
The colourisation of the word ‘Free’ captures the main message you want to convey.
One curiouser is the pink of the scarf while the purple is pulled from the eyeshadow. This ties nicely to the whimsy conveyed in the image.
Finally the offer end date is subtle and matches the sleeve colour which is gesturing a call to action.

Till next time have a good one!

~ Ell.