Frank Colzato Archive: Part II

From 1981 to 2016 Frank & Shirley Colzato kept meticulous records of every photographic session that was taken. The archive contains over 12,000 individual photography sessions in 120 & 34mm negative format and 2000+ discs with digital images stored in RAW format.

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The below form can be used to request negatives and digital images from our archive.

  • Please provide as much information as you can as you go through the form.
  • Each entry is listed by date, name, descriptor (ie. baby, wedding) and unique reference code.
  • We will ask a lot of questions! Your contact information and any other information you provide will only be disclosed between Frank & Shirley Colzato and Ellen Burrow who is facilitating the sale.
  • Photographed between 1981 and December 2004 were taken on 120 and 35mm negatives.
  • Photographs from early to mid 2005 were taken on 120 & 35mm negatives as well as digital.
  • Photographs from mid 2005 to 2016 were taken as digital images.
  • Pick up is from West Bathurst, or postage starts at $7.00

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We also take requests and answer questions in real time through the Frank Colzato Facebook Page at: .

Bringing in the Frank Colzato Archive: Part One

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