Frank Colzato Archive – Part I

For the past few years, I’ve been chipping away at a project that is both challenging and highly rewarding: the sale of the Frank Colzato Archive . It’s only in more recent times that I’ve been able to immerse myself completely into the project and oversee the sale of the negatives and digital images from his time as a professional photographer in Bathurst.

you can read about the work I previously did for Frank here…

Some Background Information

In 1981 Frank and Shirley Colzato packed up their family and made the trip from Griffith to Bathurst to set up their own professional photographic studio. They opened on 11 November 1981 and within days Frank had already started photographing families and creating baby portraits. By the end of the month Frank had shot his first wedding and by the time 1982 rolled around, they had begun to establish themselves locally as a household name.

Frank and Shirley continued to run the business together right up until Frank’s retirement on 1 July 2016. By then Frank had been a professional photographer in Bathurst for 35 years. This makes a continuous career spanning 45 years overall. A milestone commitment to a fine trade that brought him the Licentiate title, numerous awards and countless stories with families who came through the studio.

In 2016, Frank & Shirley started selling his archive of negatives and digital files. Each job had been meticulously archived and they wanted to see the photographic history returned to families.

Which brings us to today

Previously the digital archive was stored with me and the negatives with Frank. However the system of requesting was cumbersome and it was decided that the easiest and streamline method was to consolidate the 12,000 negative packets and 2000+ discs to a central location.


Bringing in the Frank Colzato Archive: Part One

Requests for negatives and digital images are currently being taken through the Frank Colzato Facebook Page: and in the coming weeks a web based form and full information will be made available on this website.

cheers now