O Ell where art thou?

You would have noticed I’ve had some radio silence recently and there has been a few reasons for this.

The first was that my MBA workload was particularly heavy this session. But I survived! Further I learnt valuable skills that I can’t wait to apply to my client’s digital websites and social channels. I’m now within 12 months of finishing the degree and I cannot wait to get back out there. Ultimately my goal upon completing my degree is to work in corporate or government in marketing and creative direction.

The second reason is I’ve taken on a pro bono web and social strategy job which is large scale and complex. Its a WWII veteran project which needs a new website and a better approach to using social channels. Currently the project is in its ‘consult the committee’ phase. However, once officially released there is literally a world of unique stories, letters, photos and artifacts to be seen. I’ve always believed it is important to give back and this was a way that I could make a positive difference for a group of special people.

The third reason is that I’ve immersed myself in another project that is both challenging and highly rewarding: the sale of the Frank Colzato Archive. It took some serious logistics to move it here but the volume and variety of photography is amazing.

Stay tuned for more info!

~ Ell.