Social Media: Snack sized Facebook insights

Having your business or community organisation on Facebook is more than just “having a page”. 15 million Australians jumped on Facebook in both January and February of 2019. With such a large audience to engage with, in addition to a growing pool of competitors, learning how to read your insights and manipulate your content is essential.

Managed correctly, your Facebook page can open up insurmountable possibilities.

Today I want to give you a snack sized tutorial on Facebook insights, made up of three bite sized areas. Facebook insights is huge – you could write a book on it. But for now I want you to get you used to the idea of checking your insights and  begin to understanding how to use them.

Bite #1: The Page Summary

Go to your Facebook page and click on the insights button at the top of the screen. This will open up your Page summary:

Bite Size Facebook Insights tutorial - Ellen Burrow

The graphs give a visual indication of activity on your page broken down by actions, likes, reach etc. This summary is showing activity in the past 7 days but you can also use the filter at the top to show today, yesterday or the last 28 days. It will also show you the difference between your organic data and paid data if you’re currently running campaigns.

Hover over any of the (i) icons to understand what each of the boxes mean.

Bite Size Facebook Insights tutorial - Ellen Burrow

Bite #2: When your fans are online

Choose the Posts Tab which you find in the side menu.

Bite Size Facebook Insights tutorial - Ellen Burrow

The Posts page is split into two sections of information. The top section shows when your fans are online and the types of posts they interact with. You can also choose to benchmark yourself against other pages to compare your performance.

Bite Size Facebook Insights tutorial - Ellen Burrow

This graph clearly shows that the audience for this page are fairly consistent across the week with the most popular days being Tuesday and a Saturday. Posts on these days are more likely to have a wider reach. While those posted on a Sunday or a Monday are less likely to be seen.

By examining the ‘whale shape’ we can see what times of day are most popular. In this instance 6pm and 10pm are the two high points therefore content should be scheduled around these peak times when the audience numbers are rising.

Bite #3: All posts published

The next section shows all the posts that are published on your page and breaks the information down into simple elements.

I will focus specifically on when the posts were published, their reach and the engagement.

Reach indicates where your post was seen on someone’s screen as they were going through the Facebook feed. Engagement refers to how a person has interacted with the post. The blue line means they clicked or pressed on the link to read the post. The pink line indicates the post was reacted to, commented on or shared.

Bite Size Facebook Insights tutorial - Ellen Burrow

Looking at the list of posts you can see the most successful posts in terms of reach and engagement were published just prior to peak time. They were written in a manner that generated community interest and communication with the audience. Conversely posts with little to no engagement were victims of either being published at the wrong time of day, or they were not very interesting to the audience.

Your snack sized take away

Having a high reach is good and while you can boost your post to get wider reach, it does little if your audience is not engaging with you. After all, content that is highly engaging organically causes a wider audience reach all by itself!

Appropriate engagement improves your opportunity to convert posts and communication into sales. There needs to be incentive for people to interact with your content, otherwise they’re simply not going to. Ultimately you want to create posts that your audience will be interested in moreso than what you are interested in. Otherwise you’ll only ever get a poor return on investment for your time and money.

Till next time, have a good one

~ Ell.